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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Michelangelo born march 6th

If the name Michelangelo is said in our home many of us may look for the my grand-sons best friend the hero in the half-shell. Yes, thats right his ninja turtle character Michelangelo. But today, March 6th has little to do with ninja turtles and much to do with that Italian sculptor, painter, architect and poet who lived during the Renaissance. A strong influence on the development of western art had much to do with Michelangelo. One of the greatest artist of all time.

Michelangelo is considered one of the famous artists of the Italian Renaissance. Sculptor of great pieces of "David" and "Pieta", painter of the paintings at Rome's Sistine Chapel, and architect and poet of great works. Michelangelo was not born into a prominent family but was the apprentice to a painter before studying in the sculpture gardens of the Medici family.

Michelangelo's works of art are ranked among the most famous in existence. Given just the large amounts of surviving sketches and reminiscences leaves no doubt that he was one of the best documented artist of the 16th century. Michelangelo held a low opinion on painting but to his credit he created two of the most influential frescoes in history of Western art. The amazing religious paintings of Genesis and the Last supper on the ceilings of the Sistine Chapel in Rome are simply amazing.

Michelangelo was yet alive when his biography was published. Nicknamed "the divine one" because of his ability to instill a sense of awe through his art work. In fact the actions of artist trying to impersonate the art work of Michelangelo led to the next style in art that of Mannerism.

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