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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Good Grief

Happy Birthday to the man behind the beloved character Charlie Brown and his friends. Charles Schulz's created the comic strip Peanuts was born on November 26 1922. From October 2 1950 to February 13 2000 the comic strip Peanuts ran. The strip ended when Schulz's himself passed away. There was no choice as Schulz's created the script, art and lettering of the comic strip. Reprints of Schulz's comic appears in many U.S newspapers.

The Peanuts comic strip was not the first for Schulz as he also created a strip known as Li'l Folks that appeared in the St. Paul Pioneer Press from 1947 to 1950 After the first strip ended Schulz visited the United Feature Syndicate where he introduced Charlie Brown and snoopy. Peanuts debuted in nine newspapers as a daily strip. In the 1960's the strip was printed in over 2,600 newspapers.

Peanuts has been formatted in books, films, television, films, theater and video games to name a few. It may be the most influential comic strip of all time. It was the comic strip that helped Charles Schulz get a star on Hollywood Walk of fame. The strip has earned many rewards over time.

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