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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Protect yourself and those you love from Mosquitos

There is one pesky irritant that will be here til summer is done and be back again next year. The mosquito and its dreaded bitee affects nearly everyone. Those with severe allergies may notice the bug and bite more than others. Male mosquitoes are harmless but females out for blood. She finds her victim via scent, exhaled carbon dioxide and chemicals in the victims sweat. Constantly in search of the perfect victim and exposed skin and is ready to draw the victim's blood. Leaving behind a red bump and itching allowing the victim to know they had been bitten. 

There are a  few things you can do to avoid being attacked by the mosquito. First make sure there is no standing water in or near the area you are in. Light colored clothing with long pants and long sleeve shirts when out in open can help protect you as well. If there are holes in your homes windows or doors be sure to fix them. In addition follow the 5 Ds can help as well. 

Insect repellent can be useful as well.

Mosquito trivia:

Did you know? The itchy red bump left by a mosquito bite isn’t actually caused by the bite itself. The irritation is a result of the skin’s allergic reaction to the mosquito’s saliva

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