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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Easter Chocolate Egg Topiary

You have got to love an edible Easter topiary! this is NOT a countdown to Easter! 
In other words,don't pick off a chocolate egg every day until Easter. 

1.  Cut dowel to size.
2.  Paint the dowel and terra cotta pot.
3.  Mix up a batch of Plaster of Paris and put in pot, almost to the rim of the pot.
4.  Put in dowel before plaster is completely dry.  If your dowel is not firmly in place after the plaster has dried, you can use some glue to help stabilize it.
5.  Glue ball on top of dowel with hot glue or E-6000 glue.  This year I used an oasis ball.  I have used a styrofoam ball before, but it is harder to put the toothpicks in the styroform.  It's a trade off because styrofoam balls come in larger sizes.   
6.  Push toothpicks into the centers of the chocolate eggs and press into the oasis ball.  Make sure you use non-wimpy toothpicks...if wimpy, they will break.  You do not need to, or want to, push the toothpick all the way through the chocolate egg.  I used three bags of Hershey eggs for this topiary.
7.  Tie a bow.
8.  Add some Easter grass to cover up the Plaster of Paris.

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