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Friday, May 20, 2016

This week in our house:

We created some delicious goodies to celebrate National Chocolate Chip day. If you want to create magic squares for your bunch then visit our blog annies home and the post Great Time To Make Up Something Yummy:

The week continued on and the rain did as well. With all the rain I started to wonder when planting season would start. I found a great way to plant our  plants without digging in the ground. Using buckets was the answer. To find out more about this inventive way to have a garden check out the post Plant That Garden In A Bucket

If not now soon there will be fruit stands in our area selling strawberries. Strawberries appear early and are one of my favorite fruits. I shared a yummy recipe that included strawberries. Strawberry Salsa recipe can be found at the blog post Strawberry Time and a bit of strawberry

If the rain gets to be too much for you then I have an idea for you. How about having your friends over for a game night?? Whether you play on the porch out of the rain or in the house a game night and snacks to go along with it is a great idea. Read the post Rain Rain go Away we all want to play to find some great ideas and recipes.

The biggest news and one I share with pride is that She hit the ball. Yes, Many of you may remember Princess , and she is now playing ball. Well, last night she hit the ball and I am so very proud of her

That is what has been happening in my neck of the woods. How is your life going?? If you are not busy start living, share and let everyone know how splendid your life is. Join in at Five on Friday

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