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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Plant that Garden In a Bucket

Great idea for those that love to garden but do not have a lot of space.

For those that live in a home without a yard or an apartment or really any compartment size living area and would love to have a garden. There is a way that this can be done. Bucket gardening is the answer and can be done without a lot of space and is economical as well. 

Any container or bucket will do. They come in many sizes, shapes and colors. The one thing that you must be sure of is that the bucket has never hosted toxic material in it. In other words do not use old paint buckets, buckets that have held building suppies, or any buckets that have held cleaning materials. 

To prepare the bucket use a drill or nail to punch holes in the bottom of the bucket. This will allow for drainage. Another great way to do this is to line the bucket or container with rocks so the bottom few inches allow the bucket to drain.. 

Fill the bucket with soil it is best to use a good blended potting soil that is rich in nutrients. Plant your selected plants in your bucket.

These plants will grow nicely in a bucket container

TOMATOES: Cherry, patio or bush varieties work the best. Place your tomato plant in the center of
the bucket and stake it. Drive a four foot pole several inches into the soil about 3” away from the
stem. Tie the plant loosely to the pole with some type of cloth. One tomato plant per bucket!!!

CUCUMBERS/MELONS/SQUASH: Plant the seeds or plants in the front of your bucket and train
them to grow over the side onto your porch, steps, deck or windowsill.

PEPPERS: Place these bush-like plants on either side of the tomato plant.

POLE BEANS: Plant seeds to the rear of the bucket and train the vines to grow up a string tied to the
edge of the bucket.

To just repeat some of the reasons to consider gardening in buckets or container are:

  • the containers are easy to move to allow more sun 
  • If you live in an area where soil may be contaminated container gardens make it worry free. Containers are a great way to allow your garden to thrive without having to be planted in soil. Apartment dwellers do not have to worry either as soil can be replaced with potting soil. 
  • Consider the fact that if you do not have horizontal space you may have been blessed with vertical space. Get creative with your garden and consider places that others may not

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