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Monday, March 28, 2016

Watch Those Hot Tubs

Recently on a quick get away a couple of my friends decided to stay in a hotel with a hot tub. The fun was there but then when they got home the problems started. Surprised that anything bad could happen after just for having a bit of fun I hardly believed my ears when they said that they had gotten sick and sore because of a few hours in the hot tub. However, they took home a souvenier neither wanted a bit of MRSA in the lip

They had no idea that something like this could happen. Think of this of a public announcement so that you will know what to do and what not to do

The CDC Does Have Some Advice for Hot Tub Users

  • Refrain from entering a hot tub when you have diarrhea.
  • Avoid swallowing hot tub water or even getting it into your mouth.
  • Shower or bathe with soap before entering the hot tub.
  • Observe limits, if posted, on the maximum allowable number of bathers.
  • Exclude children less than 5 years of age from using hot tubs.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol before entering the hot tub or during hot tub use.
  • If pregnant, consult a physician before hot tub use, particularly in the first trimester.

  • There are signs to watch for that should alert you not to use a hot tub

    • The hot tub should not have an odor. A tub that is taken care of and is well chlorinated will have little odor A strong chemical smell indicates a maintenance problem
    • The sides of the hot tub should be smooth and the tiles should not be sticky or slippery
    • The pump and filtration system of the hot tub should be working right not making noise or running loudly
    • The temperature of the hot tub should not be higher than 104 degrees


    1. Have not been in a hot tub for a while now, but this is great reminders! Thanks.

    2. Eeeeeeeeeeew....that is the reason I do not go into these things. I am so sorry to hear, thanks for sharing

    3. Ouch, so sorry to hear your friends got ill from using a hot tub. And the Drs have proven thats the cause? Sounds like a case of negligence by the hotel or hot tub owners to me. They should look into some recompense from the pain and inconvenience inc. medical bills incurred. Yikes...

    4. Great post Angela. Haven't been in a hot tub in years but thanks for the info :)


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