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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Boxing Day

In colonial days boxing day was even more important than Christmas. It was celebrated on Epiphany the day of the arrival of the magi. The day was celebrated by giving presents to the servants. The presents were given in boxes with the present itself traditionally being clothing or money. The da was one for weddings, dancing, and other party like atmosphere.

Boxing day is not a religious holiday but it is a day to remember others. Servants, employees, and others less fortunate. In many countries gifts are collected and given to the needy and those in service. This tradition traces back to the middle ages in Europe. Employers would often give their servants box filled with goodies, gifts and even leftover. These boxes would be taken home to be shared with their families.
Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom consider boxing day a federal holiday This gives families 2 days to celebrate Christmas with each other and ponder on the true meaning of Christmas. You can join in the traditions of boxing day and here are a few ways you can do that.
box up your Christmas leftovers and bring to families less fortunate than your own
when making room for the new Christmas toys make a bit of room by getting rid of toys and donating them to a family or organization that could use them
Inquire with local church about a family in the community that may have needs to be met try to meet a need that they may have
One way we can always help is to pray for needs that anyone may have
Create thank you cards include a friendly note, a picture that your child has colored or created. You can create these for those that gave you gifts to say thank you as well as or those that have helped you in a more personal way during the year.
Bake cookies or treats for those working during the holiday season. There are many jobs that must be covered such as nurses, police, firemen and the list goes on
Volunteer to serve at a local food kitchen or work at a food pantry

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