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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Thanksgiving Road Trip


Thursday November 26th 2015 will see many of us gathering at the family table for a Thanksgiving feast. Our family Thanksgiving feast will be hosted by youngest son and his family. It is their first time and we will be traveling to their house. Will you be traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday? Well there are some do's and don'ts that you will want to be aware of.

First trick, deciding on what day to travel. Many schools in our area and maybe your own will be closed on Wednesday. Wednesday is also the most traveled day during the Thanksgiving week. Google maps shares that Wednesday is the worst day for most areas to travel on. So perhaps it is better to wait til Thanksgiving day Thursday or go up late Tuesday. But, if you must travel on Wednesday then there are some more preferred times to travel.

So now that you have decided when you will leave on the trip its time to prepare to leave. First, get your car inspected. Have a ASE mechanic check the car for any problems, tires and tune up. Having your car in tip top condition will be safer for your family to travel as well as give you the best ride and gas economy.

If it is will be a long ride plan for several stops along the way. Whether it be to just stretch your legs, clear your mind or get a drink riding in a car for hours can get long and frustrating. When that ride in a car involves young children it becomes even more important to make those stops. If you are blessed to have a vehicle that has either a game or dvd built in then that is awesome one tip to remember is offer headphones so that it will become distraction to other riders. However, there are take along items that you can bring on a ride to offer more comfort for all riders as well. Just make sure to pack these before leaving on the trip.

It is also better to travel back home on Sunday rather than on Saturday. More traffic will be heading back home on Saturday to prepare for the week ahead but waiting til Sunday will find about 40% less traffic.

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