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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fall Reading for Children

When the weather outside is not fit to ride your bike or head outside and play it becomes the perfect time to stay inside and read a book. The pages of a book can take you somewhere, teach you something or make you wonder what it was like to live so long ago or what the future may be. Here are some great books to share with your child this fall

Have you ever wondered why leaves change colors?? Now while I would love to believe they change colors for my entertainment there truly is a better answer. This Harper Collins Book takes a look at leaves in different sizes, shapes and seasons.


This is a great book for early readers and the pre-schooler. It tells the story of a young fox who is not sure what to do when fall comes and the tree begins to have its leaves turn brown and fall off. Discover what happens and what the little fox will do

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf walks through the different aspects in a trees life. It allows the young reader to see the world differently. Have you ever imagined the life of a tree and the different seasons it travels through??

This amusing book about the squirrel and his first fall. Oh my the cover shows just a glimpse into the book where the school experiences the new season and all that comes with it

Proofreading has never been more fun than in this fun fall mix up book. So many things are going on the only problem is all has been messed up. Help your child find the fun mistakes and correct them

No matter what it is you choose to read to your child this fall the thing is choose to read something. The world grows for the child that reads. Leaning to read is to me one of the most important lessons of all times.

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