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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Self Improvement Month

September, is self improvement month, and while it is the last day of the month. There is no better time than to turn over a new leaf, take a step and move forward. What is it in your life that you would like to improve? Perhaps it is simple or maybe it is a life long passion you will go after.
Perhaps for you to work harder at school or maybe it is your job. Perhaps it is your job that you need to change is it a bit to much for you? Perhaps you want to build a better blog, lose a bit of weight or get more organized. No matter what it is don't give up sit down and decide what your goal may be.
Lets see my goal would go something like this
Work my job maybe 3 days a week with time to do lots of picking and selling at the flea market
Take more time with my children be sure that they know they are loved and create wonderful memories as well
October goals include
2 flea markets, I can not really wait it will be so fun to go and make some $$
most likely working 80+ hours at work
more family time including pumpkin patch and bonfire night
posting no less than 3 post a day on my blog and sharing more as well
I will be posting 2 to 3 giveaways and more reviews as well
trying some awesome fall recipes
what is your goal?

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  1. Sounds like you're going to have a busy and fun October!


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