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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dog Days of Summer Cupcakes

When the temperature goes up in the 90s to 100s and Princess starts asking me to fix it because after all "nana I am hot" is all that she can say. We turn to each other and know that we are in the dog days of summer. So what can we do about it?? I believe I will make up a batch of these cupcakes to see what that will do for her

Regular Nutter Butter cookies
Mini Vanilla Wafers
Wilton Eyes
(the photo I saw had taken a miniature marshmallow and cut in half and put a dollop of frosting for eye, but I thought this was easier)

Mini M&M's - these are NOT in bags, they come in a tube & at Walmart by the register

Instructions Bake your cupcakes & let them cool.  While that is going on make the frosting, I used the frosting recipe off of the Hershey's unsweetened cocoa can.  The "mouth, nose link" is the only tricky part and I can save you some time and money by telling you to NOT buy the can of frosting with the different tips on the top of the can - it does not work unless you want all your little cupcakes to resemble Adolf Hitler doggies.  I was just trying to save a little time (code for I was being lazy).  Soooooo, I made one cup of Royal icing using Wilton meringue powder and I used Spectrum soft gel paste chocolate brown to tint the Royal icing and I also added some to the Hershey's icing to make it darker.  If you do not have this gel would highly recommend that you get a box with an assortment of colors.  I think it is the absolute best for food coloring that looks authentic. I used a #2 tip in my piping bag for the "mouth, nose link."  I did not pipe the frosting onto the cupcakes because you do not want lots of frosting, I just used a spoon''

recipe source here

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