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Sunday, February 15, 2015

National Wedding Month


With all the love in the air for valentines day. It seems no surprise that this romance month is also the National Wedding Month. In Most of the country it is frigidly cold and romance helps keep it warm but I would have thought that one of the spring or early summer months would have been the date to celebrate such an occasion. However, I was wrong and the romance brings about a loving moment of a wedding.

Our family will be the guest to several weddings this year, (4) in fact or at least we think so. Our middle daughter will be the bride to an out door wedding in the Cave In Rock state park here in Illinois with a pirate kind of theme but a ready to rumble theme as well. She is in the process of making all of her decor , invitations and everything. We will celebrate with a spring picnic theme.

My niece will be the next bride and will celebrate a heated wedding in mid August. We know the bride will glisten in the heat of the summer but the sparks of love will be bright as well. The little home town wedding will be catered by her mom and her dad will proudly walk her down the aisle

Our eldest daughter will have a fall wedding with lots of fun and romance. She loves the fall season and looks forward to wearing her colorful black and white dress. This will be her second wedding .I believe that it will be beautiful and look forward to it

My youngest son recently asked his gf for a few years to marry him but they have not set a date and are not sure if it will be soon or not. I just know that whenever it happens they will be ready and I will be helping whereever needed.

Do you have any wedding days in your future? For me being married for 28 years I look forward to the younger generations and their weddings


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