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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How a Dishtowel can help transport a hot dish

This little trick will be very useful during holidays, any time you need to take a hot dish to a potluck or whenever you are taking a dish anywhere. The trick is  to use a dish towel to help transport a casserole dish While many have nice casserole carriers there are those times that you may not be able to or want to use it for one reason or another. Then you are faced with a bit of challenge of transporting your dish without spilling and making sure it stays hot. In a pinch this little trick can help you control both.
Get a cardboard box slightly larger than your casserole. Line the box with a bath or beach towel and place the casserole (covered of course!) on top. Then back extra dish towels on either side of the casserole and cover the rest with another large bath or beach towel.
The towels will not only keep your dish hot until you get to the potluck, but it will also soak up any spills

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