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Monday, May 5, 2014

Spring Chore

Tilling the garden is one of the early steps of gardening. I can remember my parents hiring a man with a tractor to tear up the garden plot each year. After that it was time to til up the garden area. Tilling is done to turn over the soil in the garden. It is done to aerate the soil before planting and also is done to mix in fertilizer and compost into the soil. Both fertilizer (rabbit droppings) and compost (anything from leaves to kitchen goods) were placed in the are of the garden during the year when there was no garden. Tilling  also helps to weed the garden.

It is best to not til will when the soil is wet. It may become clumpy and compact. The issue of aerating the soil is denied. Tilling to early will make the soil to dampen and tilling is not at the right time. Good trick to decide if it is right time to til simply pick up a handful of soil and press into ball in your hand if ball keeps shape open your hand, it is to wet for tilling but if it crumbles when pressure is released tilling time is here.

Tilling in the fall is also a great idea and may make spring tilling more beneficial

Do you till your garden?

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