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Saturday, May 10, 2014

National Foster Care Month

My grandparents, my dads parents, spent many years looking after those who needed care. My grandpa was a product of a broken family. Many years ago as a child having a native American mother who was with a white man and neither of them wanted him. They raised him the best they could I guess, looking at him as a burden rather than a child. When my grandfather was old enough he left to live on his own. There is no real story to my grandpas life just that he made it his mission to try his best to help children everywhere. Him and my grandmother became foster parents and raised many of them until their parents were more fit. Other children were not so lucky and aged out of the system and thanked my grandparents for caring for them. There are those that can and those that can't thank goodness for the lessons my grandparents taught me and many others. If you feel the pull to help those in need perhaps you should check out being a foster parent as well

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