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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Protect our Pets

March is poison prevention awareness month. The members of my personal family that I watch most are my grandbabies and my pets. Both are in the world with us and around the many things that we see daily. Our pets often stay by our side and want to do what we do. The thing is what is edible for humans can be toxic or deadly to our dogs and cats. There are dangers hiding in our homes, garages and yards that could harm our pets.

All sorts of foods may present a hazard to our pets. A few common foods to keep away from your foods
  •     Alcoholic beverages
  •     Avocado
  •     Chocolate
  •     Coffee
  •     Fatty foods
  •     Macadamia nuts
  •     Moldy or spoiled foods
  •     Onions
  •     Raisins and grapes
  •     Salt
  •     Yeast dough
Medication should always be kept up where little hands nor pets can reach them. While we may think that a child proof cap is protected that a pet may not be able to get into it but take note that a dog can chew  right into It is recommended to keep all medications in closed cabinets out of reach of those that should not have access.

Dog medications should be kept for the dog just like the cats medications should be kept for the cat do not intermix. Medications such as the flea control medication prescribed to the cat may have additives that will harm your dog.

Pets like to investigate their surroundings and the kitchen to the pet has many places to be nosy. Kitchen chemicals such as dish washer tablets, steel wool cleaning pads and degreasers for the kitchen are all hazardous to your pet. If consumed they may lead to significant  intestinal issues. Baby proof cabinet locks help keep nosey cats and dogs out of the storage areas under your sink.

Pets are often attracted to sweet smells and poisons such as anti-freeze will entice a pet and may lead to their death as well. You may consider not allowing pet in the garage most important clean up all chemicals, spills and return to storage space. Yard chemicals help us achieve the beauty that we are looking for but if we are not careful to put away after use pets can lick and sniff and our pets can become sick.

A natural habit of our pets of getting into garbage cans and storage containers may lead to emergency vet visits. A better idea is to invest in tamper proof garbage cans and storage containers The outside world also hold lots of dangers . Lilies  can be fatal to a cat to find out which flowers are best for our pets do a quick online search.

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