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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Brain Awareness Week : exercise your memory and build your brain

It’s Brain Awareness Week from March 10 to March 16. For the past 20 + years I have worked in homes for the disabled, elderly and currently in a behavior ward. So the brain and its function  has forever mystified me and I have read and did much research.  It makes me take awe when I find out different techniques to help with brain power. From the food we eat to what we do in the day all of it helps to build brain power.  Exercising and massage are two things that can help us to use our bodys  muscles and help stimulate our brains. A walk in the peaceful part of day helps me to de-stress, and relax and my mind begins to wander.

If you have trouble remembering certain things or you watch to much TV then your brain might be a bit unhealthy. The wrong kind of TV and violent video games sends negative response to decrease brain function.

It is never to late to improve your memory. Here a few steps you can take to help build your memory and brain

1. Don't skimp on exercise or sleep
as I have mentioned working out your body helps work out your brain. It also helps increase oxygen to your brain, reduces risk to diabetes and cardiovascular disease that both can lead to memory loss. Sleep deprivation causes your brain to not work as well as it should and can lead to disaster with problem solving abilities, critical thinking skills and creativity. Whether you are a student, worker or simply trying to live a demanding life without enough sleep it can all lead to consequences one would rather not have.

Social time with family and friends is another way to improve memory. Relationships are a great way to exercise the brain as we interact with others. Emotional health and brain health run side by side. Great ways to build social time are to volunteer, join a club, visit friends and family often and even reaching out through a phone call help. Pets also help with socialization.

Stress in life is like a thief in the night and will steal our memory. It is perhaps the brains worst enemies and can even lead to brain cell damage. As I  said earlier meditation and massage can help to boost brain and relieve the body of stress.

While we often talk about working our bodies out to build muscle we can also build memory by giving our brain a workout. Changing routine up in life, learning new things, visiting new places or reading new books can help you build memory. If life is kept to a norm and there are never changes the muscle of the brain will lose its strength as it is never worked out. New activities that are a bit challenging and offer fun are the best type that build brain power.

So get out there live a bit and build brain power.

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