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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Snowman Craft

These super cute ornaments will look great on a tree of any size or even attached to a gift that you give someone special. I love snowmen because they can be hanging around all winter til it gets warm when they go away only to come back next winter :)

white or silvery-white glass ornaments
black acrylic paint orange acrylic paint black felt 2 pom poms craft glue cotton swab small paint brush scrap of 1/4" wide satin ribbon
Keep ornaments in their tray, if possible, to make a sturdy placeholder while you work. Using a cotton swab and black paint, paint on simple dot eyes and mouth. Use orange paint to paint on a carrot-shaped nose. Fashion a headband for earmuffs by cutting a strip of black felt that is 4" long and 1/2" wide. Glue in place across top of ornament, just in front of hanger. Glue pom poms at each end of the headband to form earmuffs. You may need to trim one side of each pom pom to "flatten" it a bit to allow for easier application. Cut a piece of 1/4" wide satin ribbon to make a hanger.

craft source here

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