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Monday, March 18, 2013

He is Great ...

This weeks prompt at Monday Listicles is 10 ways my husband is awesome

  1. My hubby has been my best friend since we first met, always able to share with him like my bff
  2. My hubby has taken up the role of a leader in not only the family that we created together but both our extended families as well being dependable and able to be turned to
  3. My hubby takes care of me when I am sick or simply sad always there to support me
  4. going along with #3 my hubby has been a major supporter of mine. I was 16 when I met him and he has alway been in my corner when ever I decide that a change in my life is needed he remains the only true solid point other than my parents
  5. he is a great father taking time to be with them as much as possible
  6. he allows me time to myself to do what I like
  7. no matter how bad I feel he always says I look beautiful
  8. he is there to talk about the past, present and future of our life together
  9. always there to help me whenever needed
  10. he is the one that for the past 27 years has had my heart