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Friday, December 28, 2012

Keep Those New Year Resolutions

Do you make New Year Resolutions? Well if you are like me you may but you may not always be able to keep them. Dont worry we are not alone. There are 80% of all new-year resolutions that are broken by the end of January each year. Balance Bar Company the makers of America's original nutrition energy bars wants to help consumers to "outlast" their new year resolutions. They  are encouraging Americans to find better balance in 2013. Balance Bar has teamed up with Amber Rosenberg, a certified life coach and Balance Bar's official Resolutions Guru. Together they want to share helpful tips and ideas for setting successful resolutions for 2013 at 
Resolutions such as losing weight, getting fit, and finding more organization often are top resolutions that individuals make. Each of them requiring some sort of balance in their life. Great goals, that require getting started with a balanced approach. Balance Bars are aware of this and have started helping Balance fans to share how they will be approaching their resolutions. Balance Bar will also be hosting "Outlast Your New Year's Resolutions" Facebook contest.  

Winners will get personal coaching sessions with Amber along with great prize package featuring balance bar produccts and items to help consumers achieve healthy balance in the coming year. The contest will run from January 1-18 and will include helpful tips from Amber. These tips alone I believe will be powerful and very useful a way to check in every day and get a new tip. Another great way to kick off 2013 is a great get together a two hour chat with Amber and Balance Bar on January 9 at 1:30 pm est/ 10:30 am pst on 

you can also find great tips from Amber at

tips such as:
short term focus: as humans we have short - term focus and work better with small steps. (My mother always told me to have short term and long term goals) Amber says that we often dont consider this when making resolutions. Rather than having a goal to lose 20 lbs or to fitting into skinny jeans we should be more realistic and resolve to commit to replacing one can of soda every afternoon with a much healthier alternative. Since the afternoon crash can always be a diet breaker having smart snacks such as  Balance Bar Mini Energy Bars available may help you stick to your resolution. These 100 calorie treats are packed with good for you protien, 23 viatmins and minerals and come in a variety of delicious flavors. Small daily steps will help you feel successful

Be Patient With Yourself (Rome wasn't built in one day) It takes an average of 21 days to create a new habit. Simply doing it once or twice will not help our brains move on repitition. Remind yourself when you forget but dont make it a big deal, it takes time. .

Enlist a support network - support and accountability run hand in hand and helps make your resolution a reality. Share your resolution with others. Simply saying your resolution out-loud or simply via social media creates outside awareness and accountability By joining the Outlast Your New Year’s Resolutions Facebook contest and gaining more tips and outreach can help you make your goal as well. .

“Our philosophy at Balance Bar has always been about helping to create balance and enjoying a healthy lifestyle,” said Katia Facchetti, Chief Marketing Officer for Balance Bar Company. “Our products could be considered a secret weapon or personal life coach in every consumer’s briefcase, purse or gym bag – cheering them on and providing the lasting energy and great taste to outlast and accomplish any goal they set.”

For more information about the Balance Bar “Outlast Your New Year’s Resolutions” contest and Amber Rosenberg, visit, Facebook and Twitter.

About Balance Bar

Founded in 1992, Balance Bar, one of America’s original nutrition/energy bars, inspires consumers to lead active, well-rounded and balanced lives by providing great-tasting, healthy and convenient nutrition for lasting energy. Balance Bars are available in eight unique product lines (Original, Gold, Dark, Bare, CafĂ©, CarbWell, nimble and mini) and all 28 flavors are based on the 40/30/30 nutrition model – a proven formula developed by scientists to help stabilize blood sugar levels that represents the caloric ratio the body needs to enjoy lasting balanced energy and satisfy hunger for longer; 40% of total calories from carbs, 30% from quality protein and 30% from dietary fat. For more information, visit Follow Balance Bar for tips and nutritional information on Facebook ( and Twitter (

there was no compensation of any manner to share this post simply wanted to bring this great news to all of my readers

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