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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Time for Fun Outside

Hooray, Hooray, Its the First Day of May, the season to get outside and have a bit of fun

Be sure you have a great time this summer season as well. Some easy tips to keep in mind so you are not surprised by the weather or other distractions are:

Have a backup plan. Bad weather can pop up without notice and in order for the party to not be rained out it is a great idea to have another idea of what you would like to do This will allow you to have more fun and less stress

When setting up for a party keep in mind how the guest will travel. This will help you to seat guest, plan on where the bar should be Also keep in mind what type of food you will be serving. Think about what foods will need ice to stay cool and what foods you will serve that will be ok at room temp.
Stock up by shopping those summer sales that way you will have all the goodies you need on hand with a discount to boot. Also remember that the food at parties does not have to be home made check out those deals at the deli, veggi department and other items in the store that will help make your life easier Keep in mind your friends with food allergies and serve some food that is free of foods that are known to be nut, dairy, or other

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