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Monday, April 2, 2012

Autsim Awareness

By now most people either have someone in their family who has an autistic child or they know someone who does. Is it our environment, mercury, toxins, or maybe something else that still has to be researched. One thing is for certain, we are all in this together to help find that missing puzzle piece. The rate of autism is continuing to grow and we have read that they are now saying within 7 years it will be 1 out of every 7 young families will have an autistic child in it.

I took several education college courses. One of these classes had a speaker come in and share with us about autism. One thing that we learned was that the autism spectrum goes from mild to strong.There is an average of 1 out of 150 children that are currently diagnosed with Autism with many of these 18 and younger.

Is this a disease that we are creating or is has it been there and research and knowledge making it more present? Either way we must all become aware of Autism Help spread the word as April 2 is Autism awareness day and the month of April is dedicated to autism

resource : Autism Awareness


  1. Thank you so much for posting this information about Autism.

    My Son is mildly Autistic, he was diagnosed at the age of 2, and he is now 21 and doing great!

    There needs to be so much more research done on Autism, I hope that someday they will find a cure.


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