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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Food Should Taste Good Review

Are you looking for an amazing snack for the holiday season? Do you have a party planned for New Years Eve? Want to entertain your friend with a snack that taste great and is good for them? Well check out the Food Should Taste Good snacks

As a mother I am always looking to satisfy my teens snack cravings with snacks that are good for them. Recently I had the grand opportunity to review the Food Should Taste Good snack chips with them. Know that is one name that says stand up and pay attention. We were sent a variety of snack flavors including olive, multigrain, buffalo, jalepon, chocolate, sweet potato, and the works.

Never before had I heard of a snack chip in the flavor of chocolate. The chip had a mild chocolate taste with a crispy crunch the presence of salt was there as well. This chip had the ability to serve up a salty chocolate snack that many are looking for.
I love olives and many of my teens do as well so we were quizled by the olive flavored chip and wanted to try these as soon as we saw them. It did not dissapoint as the flavor of green olives prevailed strongly in the chip.
If you like a bit of spice in your snack then the buffalo chip will be the choice for you. It leaves your mouth with a bit of spice. I believe that these are the perfect chips for the couch potato on superbowl sunday.
The jalapeno flavored chip was milder than the buffalo and is perfect for snackers who have  mild palet yet like a bit of spice. 
I am not a fan of multigrain chips by the most part but these did surprise me a bit. The nutty flavor provided by the flax, sunflower and sesame seeds were awesome with the salty taste of the chips.
If you are looking for a snack chip that provides a variety of flavors in the same bag then you will want to try The Works. WIth such a variety of flavors ones mouth will almost seem like it is in heaven.
With the flavor of the sweet potato being so present in many fries, chips etc.. these days I definetly wanted to try it. These were awesome and provided a delicious taste with the crispness of the chip

A few important facts about the Food Should Taste Good snacks
the chips all provided me with a crisp and crunchy snack
they are low in calories
would go great with dips in fact the website Food Should Taste Good  offers ideas to pair their chips with

You can purchase Food Should Taste Good Chips Online at

we were sent a variety of the Food Should Taste Good Chips for review purposes. The words used in this post are those of mine alone

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