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Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Mayhem A Bit About Fashion or Not

1. What should you never wear to a job interview?

pajamas and slippers would not be a good idea unless it has something to do with being a professional sleeper

2. Who should never wear a mini-skirt?
a man with hairy knees

3. What fashion trend for women should be outlawed?
the thong hanging out of the top of their pants but then that is only my opinion

4. What fashion trend for men should be outlawed?
same type of deal I like the song "Pants on the ground" give an idea what I am talking about?
5. The worst fashion trend for kids/teens would be what?
not for sure on this one I think most of the looks are cute but then the looks that make them look older or sexy are a bit not my style

6. Is it ever okay to dress a pet in clothes?
if that is your thing and you think your pooch is cold why not?

7. What was the worst fashion disaster of the 80's?
I loved them then but maybe parachute pants?

8. In 10 years from now, what will people say was the worst fashion trend on the 'teens' (as in 2010-2019)?

no idea what do you think?

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