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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tips saving money while on vacation

Does your family try to get away some time during the year? Our family tries to come together for a family style reunion to catch up with each other. With the price of gas going up many families may start to think that they may forgo the yearly family get away. With careful planning and a few money saving tips the plan for getting away does not have to be post-poned. Rather a family who is mindful of the circumstances and has a keen eye for being resourceful can enjoy a wonderful get away. My top 10 ideas for getting out with family and enjoying a get away from home start with Using resources such as the Alamo Insiders can help you find deals that are out there.

  • Looking for hotels that cater to families. Some hotels will allow children to stay free while others offer movies and game rentals.
  • Meals on the road are one place that using wise resources will come into play. Local coupon books,  newspaper coupons and eating at discount times will all save you money. It is also wise to eat at all you can eat smorgasbords that allow you to fill up and are normally not much higher in price  than fast food meals.
  • Look for hotels that offer discounts at local attractions possibly theme parks or water parks for staying at their location. Again many times there are coupon books that will allow you to save money on local attractions as well
  •  Hotel lobbies often have brochures that share local attractions in these same pamphlets may be coupons with $$ off or group discounts.
  • Take advantage of hotels that offer free breakfast, nightly appetizers or light meals, or free beverages. These small discounts can help you save money on snacks, drinks and even meals. You can then use this money so that your family can enjoy their selves in other ways.
  • Taking your own snacks on road trips where you will be driving for many yours where you will get hungry and you know your children will as children often do will save you money. Gas stations and the so forth do not offer the best snacks in the department of nutrition or price. Packing some of your own snacks will save you money, time and be better for you. If you happen to run out of snacks visit a grocery store the snacks you find there will normally be better than the ones that you find at convenience stores.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for discounts. Facilities such as auto club members, AARP members, and other major groups often offer discounts that are not always advertised in travel literature. 
  • As I mentioned before gas prices are often what makes families take a second look at whether they will take a vacation or not. Keep in mind that gas in cities is often lower than that found in outlying areas and small towns. If you happen to see gas at a good price it is a great idea to fill up while you can.
  • Parking at major attractions is something that can often be overpriced. Be sensible about this look for parking that is cheaper or free that is located close to the attraction but may require a little walking. If you are like me you may just enjoy the extra bit of walking. Just be sure to look for signs where you park that does not deem "no parking zone" or other signs that do not allow parking. If you park in the wrong place it may cost you more to get your car back than it does to park. 
  • Perhaps the best tip that I can share is enjoy your trip keep a running budget and be aware of what you are spending but enjoy the get away with your family.

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