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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Do You Have A Headache??

Is it brought on by a long day of work, stress , hunger or other means?? If you have experienced them then you may know I am talking about headaches. Even worst than a headache is a migraine. Like many I have experienced some bad headaches and migraines that have sent me to bed.

June has been selected as the month to draw awareness to Migraines and Headaches. Healthcare providers, patient advocates and those that suffer with as well as those that help those that suffer are taking a stand against the pain. The theme for 2019 is "Sowing the Seeds for a Cure" Thru the efforts of all the American Migraine Foundation is looking forward to working with all those taking a stand to offer awareness and advocacy efforts to help those suffering from the great pain involved in headaches and migraines.

The easiest way for a physician, neurologist or headache specialist to create a treatment plan is with you is to provide the professional with as much information as possible. They need to see the full picture, and to do that, they may ask you a number of questions.

Upon visiting a doctor or specialist they may ask a few questions concerning how you feel. These questions may include:

  • How quickly do your attacks peak?
  • How many of the attacks are morning migraines?
  • How many attacks are already full-blown by the time you’re seeking out a solution?
  • Are you nauseated? When and how bad is nausea?
The answers will offer the physician knowledge concerning you and your headaches. The information will help find a path to hopefully offer you helpful treatment. The process will take a bit of give and take to find the path that will help you. 

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