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Friday, April 27, 2018

Arbor Day

Arbor day is always the last Friday in April. National Arbor Day is a day for tree lovers. It has been celebrated since 1872 and started in Nebraska. During the 1800s Nebraska was mostly a treeless plain. As a way to help nature and the environment Arbor day was started by planting a tree The national Arbor Day foundation provides millions of trees that will be planted. Around 18 million trees are planted each year on Arbor Day.

In 1872 Journalist J. Sterling Morton in Nebraska City Nebraska founded National Arbor Day. As a journalist he had resources others did not. He was able to spread agricultural knowledge and his enthusiasm for trees. One million trees were planted the first National Arbor Day The state of Nebraska would adopt the holiday of Arbor Day and make it a legal holiday to be observed every April 22 Morton's birthday through out the United States and is now observed on the last Friday in the month of April

Arbor Day reflects a hope for the future by planing trees a concern is showed toward future generations. Plant a tree , watch it grow and some day the products that come from it will help to provide shelter from the rain and sun,  help with erosion, offer wildlife somewhere to live, provide wood products and offer inspiring beauty that all can enjoy.

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