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Thursday, April 2, 2015

World Autism Awareness Day

Today, April 2nd is World Autism Awarness Day. I must say that while I had learned much about autism in my studies it hit home when our grandson was diagnosed just a year or so ago. His tendencies make life so much more work but makes it so much more important , hopeful and special. Just take a look at his beautiful smile as he sits with his great grandmother
  1. AWARENESS: We have become aware that the diagnoses of autism are on the rise.
    Practicality and significance: More and more people of all ages and backgrounds are affected by this disorder, so it is more likely to touch someone you know.
  1. ATTENTION: Now that we have become aware, we can pay attention to the signs of autism.
    Practicality and significance: Autism can only be diagnosed by observation, so it is up to everyone in the child’s life to be watchful.
  1. ACTION: Once we are aware, we can report what we see and hear to the child’s caregivers, educators, doctors, and family and friends.
    Practicality and significance: The earlier a diagnosis of autism is established, the sooner treatment which involves the help of all of the significant people in the child’s life can begin for the best quality of life.
  1. ACCEPTANCE: While treatment helps the child progress through life, autism presents challenges throughout the lifespan. We need to be sensitive to the differences that people with autism have.
    Practicality and significance: Our focus is on the person, not the disability.
  1. ADVOCACY: When we have become fully aware, attentive, action-oriented, and accepting of the person with autism, we must advocate for them.
    Practicality and significance: At the heart of autism is difficulty relating to other people in society and trouble communicating. Therefore, people with autism rely on us to be their voices and their supporters
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  1. Thanks so much! My cousin has autism and I appreciate everyone who spreads awareness about it.


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