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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

National FFA Week

I grew up with parents who were farm kids and grand-parents who were farmers. So you can say while I was a town kid my heart belonged in the country where I spent most of my time. My grandparents were sponsors of organizations such as the farm bureau, 4H, and FFA. Each FFA chapter comes together to celebrate and honor the organization in a week long party the last week of February

A bit of history: The tradition of the week long celebration started in 1947 when the National FFA board of directors designated the week of George Washington's birthday as national FFA week. They wanted to recognize Washington's legacy as an agriculturist and farmer.

Future Farmers of America or FFA is a student organization that includes all those interested in agriculture and leadership. Members include those who desire to be future farmers, teachers, doctors, scientist, and business owners. FFA goal is to help the next generation rise up to meet the challenges, help members to develop own unique talents , and to explore interest in a broad range of agricultural career paths.




  1. Brings back memories, in the UK back in the day we had Farmers Union Dances they hired a bus and rounded up all the families from the wilderness and took them to a village hall in the middle of nowhere for the social event of the year.

  2. that would have been awesome. I can remember my grandparents talking about social dances , square dances I believe where everyone came together and had fun.


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