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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Get Your Car Ready For Winter

Is your car ready for winter? If not it is swiftly approaching so you should get your car ready. Here are some tips to ensure you and your car are ready

1. If your car needs service be sure that you do it sooner rather than latter. Winter is different than summer in the fact that bad hoses, belts, and water pumps can go bad in the winter. Remember if you fix it now it is better than being stranded in a broke down car waiting in the cold for help to arrive. Checking your tire pressure now is often important in your car running well

2. Checking the battery and belts of your car now is important in winter as well as the cold will quickly zap a bad battery. Cars take more energy to start in the winter and the cold zapping batteries is not good for you or your car.

3. Cooling system needs to be checked. Checking anti-freeze helps protect your car in the winter. A mixture of 50/50 coolant to water is one that you should keep in mind. Coolant at 100% is actually less able to transfer heat away from your engine which could lead to issues such as melted spark plugs and engine failure.

4. Ensure your windshield wipers are running well and clean your windshield clear. Ice blades are very popular in winter. While they work well in winter be sure to remove them in the spring. Using them year round will lead to wearing out the wiper motor another good reason to turn off wipers when not in use.

5. Keeping gas in your car is also very important in the winter time. If you happen to snowbound in your car the only source of heat you will have is the car. There are a few things you should do is to crack open a window as well as remove snow from exhaust pipe to clear.

6. The windshield washer reservoir should be kept full. Keeping your windshield clean can use lots of washer fluid. It may also be a good idea to keep more washer fluid in the trunk.

7. weighing your trunk down with sandbag will help if you have a rear wheel driving car.

8. Rear window defrosters work well so it is very important to have this checked before it is needed

9. If it is the first time you have driven in the snow then you should take note what your car can do and can not do. Take note of the brake system and type of tires so you know what to expect.

10. pack your car trunk with items that may be needed in the case that you get stranded. A snow brush or scraper, shovel, bag of sand and extra washer fluid are just a few things your car may need. Packing extra winter clothes, blankets, boots are also great to have. A cell phone is also very helpful to have in the car.

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