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Monday, October 20, 2014

Day Trip In Autumn

The days have started to get shorter and the feel in the air is cooler that must mean that we are in autumn. The beauty that Autumn shares with us is one that can be expressed best to me by the term "Gods Coloring Book". As we took a road trip this weekend we were able to see the  beauty in the leaves on trees and there were a few that were all ready standing there in the bare for all to see the limbs and bark that it had after shedding its leaves. The colors of reds, browns, yellows and still even some green and my grandchildren saw other colors that as adults we seemed to over look. As my grand-daughter saw purple in the leaves that were a deep crimson red and while she asked to catch a squirrel and take it home with us we assured her that the squirrels had a job to do in nature as well. The back roads we took that wound and went up and down and at times she said they were like being on a roller coaster took us through some of the prettiest territory back deep into the land that is shared with us by our Amish and Mennonite neighbors.
The smells of nature and sights were did not even match the awesome scents that were offered there with the sweets in the bakery or the garden that hosted the fall flowers. All ready to be purchased and to take back home. This was something that we gladly did purchasing fresh baked donuts that kind that you have to hold with two hands because one hand even an adult hand can not master the size of these delicious donuts. The breads that we purchased smelled so awesome with so many choices and yet to say that the cookies we bought (we forgot to use for dessert) are still sitting ready to share with our family. We also met many smiling faces as we bought what they had to offer and I simply love to talk to my friends as their accent is one that reminds me of the old country. The children are all so helpful with one young man helping his parents by putting the bakery goods on the shelf and yet another set of young brothers helping to sell pumpkins for the family. The houses and yards are oh so charming with the simple white and neat oh so neat yards.
If you ever have a chance to visit the back roads and our friends that live there take the time to do so it may just do your heart as well as it does ours.

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