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Monday, August 11, 2014

Ready for Fall Sports

 football season is here and alive. With the arrival of back to school come back the local highschool and college sports. Perhaps you are an avid fan. Have fun creating these pom poms and allow the whole family to have fun.

Super Bowl Crafts: Easy Pom Poms
We picked out two colors to use and cut a total of 24 two-foot-long strip pieces (12 from each colored roll). We began placing one strip down at a time, slighting overlapping the one before,
Super Bowl Crafts: Easy Pom Poms
making a large pinwheel.
Super Bowl Crafts: Easy Pom Poms
Using one hand, we grabbed the middle of the pinwheel
Super Bowl Crafts: Easy Pom Poms
and held up what looked like a little hula skirt. We next folded the top of our hula skirt in half vertically,
Super Bowl Crafts: Easy Pom Poms
grabbed the top of the pom pom and gave it a good squeeze to mold a handle. We got some masking tape, wrapped it around the makeshift handle to keep it secure and even added some pipe cleaners around the tape for a little added team pizazz.
Super Bowl Crafts: Easy Pom Poms
The final thing we did was cut each pom pom streamer in half (my kid’s favorite part). This took only a few extra minutes and really added some pep to that pom. Go team!

Easy Pom Poms

 party streamers
masking tape
pipe cleaners (optional)

Choose your streamer colors (we used 2 colors) and cut 12 of each color, at least 24 to 30 inches long (eyeballing it is totally fine). You will need about 24 pieces total. Begin placing one piece down in a straight vertical line on a flat surface. Each piece after slightly overlaps the one before, making a large pinwheel fan. Grab the middle of your streamer circle and with one hand, lift it up. It should look like you are holding a little hula skirt. Fold the top of the skirt in half vertically. Now it should start to resemble a pom pom. Time for a handle. Grab that pom pom like you are holding an ice cream cone and give it a squeeze. You are molding your handle. Cut a few pieces of masking tape and wrap it around your makeshift handle to make it more sturdy and secure. If you have any, wrap some pipe cleaners over the masking tape. This is just for decoration and is optional. Now take some scissors and cut each streamer in half to add more bulk to the pom pom. Let the cheering begin!

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