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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Nursing Assistant Week

National Nursing Assistant Week has been celebrated for more than 25 years. It recognizes those that have provided care to the terminally ill, elderly, and long term care residents. The job is not easy but many that do it love it. The nursing assistant is one that offers 80 to 90% direct care to the resident or client. The Administration on Aging survived care takers and found that many stick with the job making it a career. Twenty - Eight stay in the position for over 5 years and 12.6% stay for 10 to 55 years. I have worked as a CNA for over 20 years and love the relationship with co-workers and those that I care for as well, I know that my job is needed and thus secure as long as I do as expected.

My love for helping senior adults comes from the respect I learned to give from my parents and grandparents. It touched me how they cared for the elderly and worked diligently to help them. I entered the field not thinking I would be here long but then stayed for like I said over 20 years. I personally see myself doing nothing else

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