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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Top 10 Toddler Fears

I thought this would be great for this time of year with Halloween just around the corner. A list of the top 10 toddler fears according to Parents online

1. Fear of the dark

                      Grandma used to always tell me it was not the dark but what is in the dark. Hurry up turn the light on so that you are not in the dark any more. #1 thing to remember to take on trick or treat night is a flashlight to light your path

2. Fear of Monsters
                         Toddlers take monsters very serious as we get older even if we retain this fear we try to laugh it off. If your child is scared of monsters perhaps a fun monster hunt would be the perfect before bed routine. Check under the bed, in the closer, and in any hiding place a monster may hide.

3. Fear of the Weather
                        This fear is one that children and many adults share. I have a brother who is very nervous about storms his children seemed to take this after them and become quite nervous when storms approach. Help your child to prepare for storms by creating a weather chart as well as a plan for bad storms. Having a storm prepared kit should help all feel less fearful.

4. Bad Dreams
                       While it is fears that may cause bad dreams It is the bad dreams often referred to as night terrors often become feared by parents. Parents often feel helpless unable to help their child. Talk to your childs doctor for helpful tips on night terrors.

5. Fear of Strangers
                          Many children have a fear of strangers. They feel safe with what they know. Often loving the lap of the one that knows them best. While this is not always bad  parents want to also guide them by visiting others.

6. Fear of Seperation
                          In the age of the working moms separation anxiety is often broke early. It is something that breaks the parents heart and seems to crush the little ones. A good bye routine and leaving the child with someone they trust are two practices that work well

7. Fear of being alone
                           The fear of being alone is something that children often deal with. When children are little they cling to each other but if they are home alone with no one to play with then mom has to learn to entertain.

8. Fear of Dress up masks, costumes and makeup
                                The fear of masks, custumes, and makeup places fear in children and adults alike. Many fear clowns and Halloween may place fear in them.

9. Fear of toilets and bathrooms
                               Some of you may remember the movie that features the child afraid of the toilet that wants to eat his pook. Ok maybe its just me but I do know that I had a nephew that was afraid of the toilet and would scream and shout. Allow your child to investigate the potty and perhaps supplying them with a stepstool will break the fear of it being so big.

10. Fear of the doctor or dentist
                                  Fear of the doctor or dentist is a fear that children do not always grow out of. Help your child by discussing with your child about the visit to the doctor before going and what to expect while there. Perhaps visit ahead of time to look at the waiting room, read a book while there, meet the doctor.

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