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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Make Going Back To School A Ball

Going back to school can either be something that one dreads or with a bit of help can be something that is very much looked forward to. Why not have a ball getting ready to go back to school. It would  be easy enough to get the gang together and throw a back to school party. Easy decorations like this disco ball can make all the sparkle for the party to get everyone ready to return to school

To make this disco ball is easy enough

  1. Large Styrofoam ball
  2. Long wooden skewer or something similar
  3. Invisible thread
  4. Small craft mirrors varying in size
  5. Craft jewels
  6. Thin wire or something similar
  7. Glue
Start by inserting the skewer through the center of the ball
Leaving the skewer in place take your large mirrors and firmly press them into the ball so they make a good indentation
They more than likely will not want to stay so glue the back of the mirror to the ball. You want to make the indentation first to create a firm place for the glue to adhere to
Now press the rest of the smaller mirrors into the ball and they should stay in, as well as the jewels

Now take a thin piece of wire (I used floral wire) and make a loop at the end to tie the invisible thread to. Remove the wooden skewer and guide the wire through the same hole. I’m not gonna lie, it took me a few tries. Then gently pull the thread through. Make sure the piece of thread is fairly long allowing to hang from a high place. Your done! Hang from the ceiling with a tack securing the thread and place a little clip under the ball to hold it in place till the big moment.

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