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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Frog Jumping Day

Today May 19, is the day set up just for the frog jumping jubilee day. Oh yes you heard me right. Have you ever been to a frog jumping event? I love to see them as sometimes they jump the other way, sometimes they jump right to the finish line and other times well they just sit there.

Want to have a bit of fun with frogs that may or may not have a real frog involved? Then try these super cute frog cupcakes.

Frog Cupcakes Recipe

2 cups green frosting
24 gumdrops, green
24 cupcakes, cooked and prepared for frosting
black decorating gel
48 white chocolate chips

Ice cupcakes with green frosting. Slice gumdrops in half (Note: If you have a Lammes Candies around you, they also have these green sours you can buy in bulk that work if you cannot find gumdrops). Push one white chocolate chip piece into the bottom edge of the sticky part of the gumdrop, you want the point of the chip to stick in there. Place gumdrops on cupcake like the frog’s eyes and use the black icing to make a dot for the pupil. Note: You can also use blue frosting and have it look like the frog is coming out of the water.

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