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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Its All In The Name

Many of us puts a lot of thought into what we will name our child. Perhaps the name we choose belonged to someone else that we loved like a parent, grandparent or other relative that we honor by naming our child that. Perhaps we give our child a name because we think it is beautiful. Whatever reasoning we use to name our children the most important part is that we used reasoning. I recently read an article on  yahoo news about illegal baby names.

Upon first thought I could not understand why a baby name would be illegal but after reading the article I truly understand. They start out with a name that I first wonder about because it sounds more like a title rather than a name Talula Does The Hula what do you think do you not agree that it may be a great title for a childrens book?

The list also leaves me wondering why some of them were banned such as the Italian judged who banned the name Venerdi AKA 'Friday' My daughter has a childhood friend who was named Tuesday by her parents. I also know friends with names as April and May I wonder if these would be banned as well.

What do you think about Countries banning names?

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