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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

PopChips Giveaway

 If you have never had PopChips then you must gather a new way of thinking. You see you need to start thinking popped. Our family loves PopChipped and we are loving on PopChips Chicago on twitter right now. The massive box of popchips that we recieved has definetly pleased all my teens and their friends. I have even taken a few to my friends at work who some had never tried popchips. After trying them though they are now thinking popped as well. When I shared with them that PopChips are better for them than regular potato chips they were very surprised and delighted. PopChips allows them to snack within limits without worrying about the fat.

                             I also wanted you all to know about the awesome giveaway that
is hosting an awesome giveaway where 30 individuals will win a prize pack to help celebrate the movie New Years Eve

The prize pack will consist of  the official movie poster, soundtrack & one month’s supply of popchips, just follow @popchips and retweet them So get out there enter the giveaway on twitter and try some delicious PopChips

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  1. I see PopChips in the checkout line at Target. Would love to try!! Thanks!


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