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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

ABC Wednesday

E is for elevator and Effingham Illinois

When I first introduced the elevator to my nephews I shared with them that it is a magical moveable room that would take us from one place to another. While this sounds wonderous I often think about Mr. Wonka's elevator in the chocolate factory

Effingham is a place that holds many memories for me. My dad worked here as a mail carrier when I was a teen


  1. I recently told this story from my childhood- When I was young (5) I had to see an eye doctor on the fifth floor of a building. It was in the 1969 and elevators were operated by an "elevator man". In 1970 they got a new fangled elevator that ran by itself. I was with my mother and sister. My sister was so afraid of this new elevator that she insisted we not take it. I remember walking up the stairs to the fifth floor, thinking my sister was a big chicken!

  2. I had a fear of lifts as a child - then to visit father christmas in a department when he was on level 5 did worry me!

    Great memories - thanks so much
    Denise ABC Team

  3. elevators are miraculous, if you think about it.
    ROG< ABC Wednesday team


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