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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Nick Jonas Takes Musical Step By Himself

I first heard about this from a group of teen girls who went with us on the trip to the youth meeting. Wow were they mystified both happy but a bit sad as they heard the Jonas brothers were breaking up. That's right Nick Jonas takes a step out by himself.

The 17 year old singer Nick Jonas along with his brothers Kevin and Joe have been in the spotlight in the past three years. They have accomplished more than many musicians do in their life time. They traveled the world, created three studio albums, and grossed millions of dollars as well as movies, T.V shows and films. The trio worked together in a dream that was born many years ago and along the way stayed strong in their brother hood.

Nick Jonas now finds it time to step out in a solo act. Nick now will be starring with a new band known as the Administration.

What do you think?