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Friday, May 20, 2016

Rain, Rain Go Away We all Want To Play

This time of year should find us out chasing lightning bugs, having picnics, or enjoying watching the starts on these late spring nights. The problem is the weather is not cooperating. The rain in this area forces most outside activities to cancel leaving us looking for indoor things to do. Once again the age old game night is perfect in any weather or season. It's a great way to meet new people, have fun with you friends or spend time with family. The best part is if you have the plan of playing board games no one will expect any special decorations. 

Snacks are always a must. While it does take a bit of talent to eat and play but then who doesn't like a snack. Finger foods is the way to go. Whether ones that work well at room temperature or in a slow cooker work best. 
The checkerboard  snack platter is not only cute but easy to make. A plain checkerboard can be found at the dollar store near you. It serves as a great place for serving treats. Use different colored cheeses or other treat to represent the opposing checkers. 

This easy recipe is completed by popping some yummy popcorn and adding in your favorite snacks. M&M's, pretzels or whatever small snack is your favorite. Oh so yummy. and ready for all to share. 
Take some time , think about what you and your guests would consider the perfect snack. Then go ahead, laugh at the rainy day, and have a wonderful get together.
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  1. Oh I love the checkerboard idea, what fun that would be.We love you bringing these cool ideas to the Blogger's Pit Stop.


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