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Monday, November 9, 2009

We Take The Cake review

I was so excited to review one of the best tasting, sweetest reviews I have ever posted on my blog. The We Take the Cake allowed us to choose which cake we would love to try and then sent the cake to my house. The cake arrived in a box just like any other product would but when I read the label on the box I knew we were in for a treat. The night that the package arrived we were in a hustle trying to get to where we needed to go so the cake which arrived frozen and wrapped nicely with dry ice to keep it chilled was popped into the freezer for just a few more days.
For a very long time my husband had been wanting a red velvet cake and at last his wish would be met. The We Take The Cake company had sent us a lovely red velvet cake that was scrumptiously delicious. The best part was that it had arrived at our house I did not have to looking at the delis or bakeries to see if they had one. That is one convenience that I love about the company We Take The Cake. It helps a busy mom out when a cake is needed for the special celebration or occasion.
From the super cute Sesame Street cupcakes available in the We Take The Cake store to the
We Take The Cake red velvet layer cake that we received to the many other delicious items that are available either online from We Take The Cake or in their shop are all delicious and pleasing to the eye and palate both.
The owner of WE Take The Cake was a customer herself who loved the concept and products so much that she bought the shop. To me that only goes to state how great We Take The Cake was.

Buy: you can order a variety of cakes and cupcakes directly off the We Take The Cake website at


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