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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Honoring the Greatest

The Nobel Prize was established in a will left by the late great Alfred Nobel. The Swedish Norwegian Club in Paris would be the place where Nobel would leave his late will only to be open after his death. The family of Nobel disagreed with the will as much of this wealth was left to establish a prize that would be awarded to names of individuals listed in the will. Perhaps if you knew a bit about Alfred Nobel you would understand the importance he thought behind his act.

Alfred Nobel from Sweden could speak 5 languages by the age of 17. Not only a businessman but an inventor as well he held 355 patents during his lifetime. Perhaps one of his patents for the invention of TNT rings a bell. Thus the invention of a prize to award those who led the fields of physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and peace was very important to him. 

Those that will be awarded Nobel prizes are awarded at the beginning of October each year. On the anniversary of Alfred Nobel's death, December 10th in Stockholm Sweden , the awards of handed out. The winners will each receive a Nobel diploma, a medal and 10 million Swedish crowns per prize. 

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