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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Fire Prevention

Safety in the house is very important. Some fire safety tips to protect you and your family are listed below.

When in the kitchen you should never leave the stove unattended When appliances are not in use make sure they are unplugged. When cooking make sure that you are wearing short or tight fitting sleeves. Finally if a fire does happen and a pot or pan is on fire never carry it out of the house rather keep it there and extinguish the fire

Electrical fires are sadly very common. Many times it begins where the power comes from in the circuit breakers and fuses. Ensure that they are not overloaded and that they are the correct size for the home. Extension cords are not meant to be used full time.

One danger belongs to smokers of the house. Individuals that smoke should never smoke in bed. Ensure that cigarettes are fully put out. Keep lighters and matches out of reach of youngsters.

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