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Friday, August 3, 2018

Just Clowning Around

The first week of August, August 1-7, is known as clown week. National Clown Week became an international celebration when Clowns of America broadened and became Clowns of America International in 1991. This week is often referred to as Clown Week and is recognized by the World Clown Association (USA), Clowns Canada (Canada) Shrine Clown Association (USA) and Clowns International (UK).

Clown Week is often celebrated by putting on shows in malls, child care centers, hospitals, and nursing homes. Educational events to share knowledge of clowns as well as fund raisers for charity often take place this week as well. Clowns often appear in parades, grand openings, greeting people, visiting kids at hospital and in other places as well. Many clowns celebrate this week in many different ways.

There are more than 10,000 clowns registered in clown groups. Not all clowns do not belong to groups. The number of all clowns may be more than 20,000 clowns world wide. With each clown donating an hour of their time for a good cause for their community there should be a lot of happiness around. Each clown balloon twisting, face painting or simply clowning around allowing all to have a free of charge or possibly a laugh for a small donation or canned goods it is a great time to get out to see the clowns.

In 2017 hundreds of clowns participated in International Clown Week. They were seen in schools, libraries and hospitals. Clowns were every where in malls, on the street, even in grocery stores. All of the clowns were out having fun helping to create smiles and all for free There was also lots of clowning going around in many countries around the world. 

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