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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tips for the Thanksgiving Host

Hosting a big holiday meal can become expensive quickly. This does not have to happen and it can still be great even if you use some financial wisdom to cut a few corners. The most important part is to serve a wonderful meal without spending a fortune. The tips I share today are great to use during the holidays or anytime. 

Being organized is very important and can help you save money in most anything you do. Holidays can be very stressful but with a few easy tips they can stay organized. First, create a menu for the meal. You will know what dishes you are planing to serve and be able to create a list of needed ingredients. This will help to easily create a master shopping list. Knowing how many guest will be there will help out as well. Knowing how many will be present will help you know how many you are feeding as well as where you will place everyone around the table. Knowing how many guest and what you will serve will help you define a budget. 

Know time to do some shopping. Check out the sale bills as there are normally some great deals out there. The turkey is most likely the ingredient with the largest price. While there are great deals out there on the market I was lucky enough to find a great deal at a local restaurant. They will prepare my turkey and have it ready for a great price. This will help me in many different ways most of all the turkey is not something I will have to prepare this year. My mother in law would never have gone for this as she loved to bake her own but for me as I am not sure if I will be working or what will be going on this is one area I loved saving time and money. Thanksgiving is still a week away but it is the perfect time to go ahead and purchase needed ingredients. Next year you may even consider purchasing such as canned pumpkin, whipped cream, potatoes and other ingredients even earlier as they go on sale. 

Remember that as the host you do not have to feel as if you must create the entire meal. Allow anyone that asks to help to do just that. Guest who love to cook will love to help out. Our family has our own special dishes that we make each and every year. 

One area that many disagree on is to use or not to use disposable products. Plates, cups, silverware are available in plastic as well but do not allow them to break the budget. They make clean up much easier but depending on the cost it may be wiser to use real products. The choice is yours just make it a smart one. Keeping it simple can be done either way. I can recall my moms and her sisters sitting around the kitchen washing dishes together and gossiping while they  helped each other

Yet another way to save money is to keep the menu easy. There are members of our family that do not like turkey so I will have to have a small ham as well. If your family is like ours what is it that you do?? There is no need to serve turkey, ham, and chicken, three different potato dishes, a few different veggies , several drink choices, and the list may go on and on. Make the menu what you want it to be. It is your choice as it is your party. Making large amounts of classic Thanksgiving dishes is often much more cost effective. Your guest are there to have a great time not judge you for what you serve or do not serve. 

If you like to decorate then go ahead just be smart about it. Decorations can be expensive and not always needed. With all the plates and dishes on the table all ready there may not be any room for decorations there. Fall decorations around the room would be awesome. You can find some in nature such as small pumpkins, gourds or pine cones. Thanksgiving decorations can be found at the dollar store for a great price as well. 
Be smart, have fun and enjoy your time with your special guest. Thanksgiving may pay you back with extra leftovers. Use these wisely as well. 

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