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Thursday, September 21, 2017

21 Ways to Show You are Thankful

Many of us if not all of us have showed someone in our lives gratitude. This can easily be done in person and in my opinion if possible should be. Today, September 21st is World Gratitude Day and I thought I would share 21 great ways of showing gratitude

1. If a friend, colleague, or client goes above and beyond then a bit of gratitude should be shown
2. Another great way is to simply show our gratitude by treating others how we want treated
3. Find out where you can do some volunteer work
4. Donate, when you have to much or items you can not use
5. Recycle it will help keep the world clean and you may even make a bit of $$ to donate or keep
6. call someone that loves to talk to you that you may not have talked to for a bit
7. Did someone do something nice for you?? Send a thank-you card
8. Send someone that would appreciate it a card simply saying hi and how you love them
9. have a family conversation about what you are thankful for
10. take someone you care about to lunch
11. honor the success of others
12. always say thankful
13. let co-workers know you are thankful for them
14. give someone a hug
15. spend time to listen to others
16. start a tradition to show you are thankful
17. offer to help before asked
18. keep a gratitude journal and count your daily blessings
19. use your talents to help others
20 show your partner you not only love them but are thankful for them as well
21. best of all say the words Thank-You

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