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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Introducing The Scrape Around

Illinois winters can be harsh. Working early mornings is rough at times as well. When you have to go out and scrape your windows on a cold working day is not good either. When, I found an alternative to scraping the car windows I though someone had made a superior useful invention.

The Scrape A Round helps your family stay safe by scraping the cars windows cleaner. This great gift idea only takes a portion of the time that it did in the past. Watch this you-tube video to see exactly what The Scrape Around is

Our family argues over whose turn it is to heat up the car and scrape the windows and none of us really like the task. If you are like us and tired of scraping your windows the old fashioned way then you have join the followers of the Scrape A Round. The tool is based on ice scraping engineering that has many positive aspects including:

made of a softer plastic that can bend around the windows curves. Want to see more?? Visit the Scrape A Round website 

The Scrape Around has a 18" surface that will scrape the ice 
The Scrape Around is for everyone even those with arthritic hands or carpal syndrome sufferers. With a comfortable grasp the Scrape Around is easier to use.
The pressure you offer is the pressure that will go straight to the window making it easier to scrape
Instead of a vertical or horizontal direction The Scrape Around travels in a circular rotational motion. 
No need to stop and repeat action as The Scrape Around has a leading edge and trailing edge that can scrape the windows frost and ice in half the time
The Scrape Around doubles as funnel by removing the cap.

Makes a great Holiday gift for anyone that drives. Think about saving your loved ones from the process of scraping windows in the cold winter days. Best yet if you are interested through a special offer shared with just the readers of Annies Home you can get free shipping from the website using the code LU8FBEZREU2 when checking out.


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  2. Very interesting. I will have to check it out for our daughter!


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