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Friday, March 6, 2015

silly snowmen

Silly Sock Snowmen 10

If where you live is like where I live then you may be getting tired of snow and ice. Its too cold to get out there and play and enjoy the snow but these little critters may be just the thing to help keep them from getting cabin fever.
Chenille socks ($1 per pair at the $1 store)
googly eyes
hot glue gun

Silly Sock Snowmen 1

Step 1: Cut the toe off of the sock (about 3 inches or so) and set aside.  Then turn the sock inside out.  Using a little yarn, tie one end tightly and turn right side out.

Silly Sock Snowmen 3

Step 2:  Fill sock with lots of polyfill.  That’s right, just stuff it in there!

Silly Sock Snowmen 4

Step 3:  Tie the open end closed tightly (you don’t want those snowman guts oozing out!).Silly Sock Snowmen 5

Step 4: Using several strands of yarn, tie the snowman around the middle to divide his “head” from his “body” and attach his hat.  It was nice to have a variety of socks and mix up the bodies and hats

. Silly Sock Snowmen 6

The rest is up to you, make them silly as you want to and have fun

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